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What goes on at Pest Free TC?

Key information:

  • Tuesday interval - T2
  • Thursday interval - Outside the Gym

We have bi-weekly meetings on Tuesday and Thursday at interval. On Tuesday we discuss how our trapping is going, and plan out how we will go about it. These meetings aren't necessarily all that serious though and can be thought of as a place to socialise too. Thursday is when we go around TC's perimeter with bait (peanut butter), checking our traps along the way for any pests that have been caught.

How Can I Join?

If you're eager to join come to T2 at Tuesday interval and we can add you to our member sheet, as well as our Messenger group chat. But if you're not sure, feel free to come along for a couple of meetings and see what it's like for yourself.

Trap Information

We use the Modified Victor Stoat and Rap Trap and Victor Commercial M200 Rat Trap.

Victor Trap and Tunnel